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Psychoactive theatre lab "Nichya"
In 2021 theater lab "Nichya" was devoted to the topic of feminism. In 2022 we considered the topic of mental disorders and stereotypes about them.

The main program in 2022 started with an open-call for psychoactive plays. The texts could be devoted to...
  • people with mental disorders and their lives
  • relatives and friends of people with mental disorders
  • communication and relationship between society and people with mental disorders

In total, 47 playwrights have sent 59 plays. The expert board of 6 experts in theatre and psychoactivism chose 10 texts for the short-list.

The 2022 shortlist:
  • The end of february. Katerina Antonova (Serov, Sverdlov obl)
  • Sonya. Sonya Dymshits (StPetersburg)
  • Whales love singing in the dark. Polina Kabalina (Krasnoyarsk)
  • Kanye West, cats and the 2-head parenting. Margarita Kadatskaya (StPetersburg)
  • If you die, then with Esenin poems. Anastasia Kohan (Tumen)
  • I? Evgenia Prokhorova (Minsk, Belarus)
  • Let's pretend you haven't seen that. Olga Rafaeva (Moscow)
  • Bipolar family. Maria Sikora (Krasnoyarsk)
  • The flash-play. Alena Fedorchenko (StPetersburg)
  • Delicately. Kasya Chekatovskaya (Minsk, Belarus)
(for people with no experience in playwriting)
Teachers and curator of the workshop chose 4 applications out of 74.
Here are the names of the participants:
  • Darya Valeeva (Saratov)
  • Dmitry Chaikin (Krasnoyarsk)
  • Anna Yuzhakova (Saint Petersburg)
  • Nadezhda Gorlova (Moscow)
From February 14 to March 15 the participants were working on their plays. These teachers curated the process: Olga Mukhina, Elina Petrova, Olga Potapova and Evgeni Ionov. The curator of the workshop is a playwright, concept maker and artist Marina Dadychenko. The lessons were held online.

These plays were created in the workshop:
  • No name yet, Nadezhda Gorlova
  • Bar inside, Darya Valeeva
The next part of the lab was supposed to include
  • 2d open-call for the directors' applications to stage the short-listed plays
  • an educational program
  • a showcase of the performances based on the psychoactive plays
These events were cancelled due to the war in Ukraine.
FAQ about Nichya 2022
You can find the detailed program, photos and trailer of Nichya 2021 in our ARCHIVE.