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Psychoactive theatre lab "Nichya"
In 2021 theater lab "Nichya" is devoted to the topic of feminism. In 2022 we consider the topic of mental disorders and stereotypes about them.

The main program this year starts with an open-call for psychoactive plays. The texts could be devoted to...
  • people with mental disorders and their lives
  • relatives and friends of people with mental disorders
  • communication and relationship between society and people with mental disorders

In total, 47 playwrights have sent 59 plays. The expert board of 6 experts in theatre and psychoactivism chose 10 texts for the short-list.

The 2022 shortlist:
  • The end of february. Katerina Antonova (Serov, Sverdlov obl)
  • Sonya. Sonya Dymshits (StPetersburg)
  • Whales love singing in the dark. Polina Kabalina (Krasnoyarsk)
  • Kanye West, cats and the 2-head parenting. Margarita Kadatskaya (StPetersburg)
  • If you die, then with Esenin poems. Anastasia Kohan (Tumen)
  • I? Evgenia Prokhorova (Minsk, Belarus)
  • Let's pretend you haven't seen that. Olga Rafaeva (Moscow)
  • Bipolar family. Maria Sikora (Krasnoyarsk)
  • The flash-play. Alena Fedorchenko (StPetersburg)
  • Delicately. Kasya Chekatovskaya (Minsk, Belarus)
The 2d open-call will be for the directors' applications to stage the short-listed plays. The lab will be held in the end of May 2022.

There will also be a playwriting workshop and educational program. More information about the workshop open-call will come later.

Participation in the lab is 18+ only.
FAQ about Nichya 2022
What is that?
Ничья - это психоактивистская театральная лаборатория, где с помощью театра мы исследуем темы психических расстройств и стереотипов о них.
Nichya is a psychoactive theatre lab. We use theatre to research the topics of mental disorders and stereotypes about them.
What is psychoactivism?
The answers differ. Here are some examples...

"Psychoactivno" community:
... actions aimed at researching the topic of mental disorders, the boundaries of social standards, also the problems of Russian psychiatric institutions.
...a movement that makes visible the existence and problems of people with mental health issues.

Nastya Wasabi, psychoactivist:
...the fight for rights, the fight against stigmatization, the fight against devaluation, psychoeducational of all kinds.

Tasia Vodkina, psychoactivist:
...this is the way we can make our lives better through the offering of help to others.
Why are we doing it?
Often in art (cinema, theater, literature), the image of a person with a mental disorder is presented in a way that works to stigmatize and stereotype him. Stigma leads to discrimination and can prevent a person from seeking help.

We want to introduce the "Psychoactivism" concept to public and find a non-traumatic and non-manipulative way to talk about the topic of mental health issues in art.
Why "Nichya"?
The word "Nichya" [niʧˈja] means "equal score" in Russian. We see the lab as a space for open discussion, where equality is the prime feature.
What is going to happen on the lab?
  1. an open-call for theater plays about people with mental disorders and their lives
  2. an open-call for directors' applications to stage the short-listed plays
  3. the workshop -- an open-call for 4 people without theatre background create plays under curatorship of experienced playwrights. The plays made in the workshop will be staged at the lab.
  4. the presentation of the performances and the stage readings
  5. the dialogues -- public discussion of the performances and social issues with psychologists, sociologists and theatre practitioners
  6. educational program -- workshops, lections, discussions concerning psychoactivism and theatre
When will Nichya lab happen?
More detailed schedule will be posted on this webpage later.
Who chooses the plays and directors' applications?
The plays and the directors' applications will be chosen by the expert board of 6 people. It'll consist of theatre specialists and psychoactivist artists.
Can children come by?
Alas, we have the age restriction 18+... But in future we will maybe make the children program!
What's going to be next?
We will publish on this website the plays that from the short list + the plays that did not get to the short list but may be interesting for theatres.
What do I do if there's no answer for my question here?
Email us at artgroup.1212@gmail.com
We'll try to answer ASAP!
You can find the detailed program, photos and trailer of Nichya 2021 in our ARCHIVE.