Braindventure is a game about a Brain traveling from anxiety and horror to safety. There are tyrants, manipulators, aggressive comments and lying mass media all around — and Brain is fighting them to get free. Brain needs to go through several levels and win 3 dictators to find their place in the world.

This game reflects the atmosphere of intolerance, low information culture and poor critical thinking in many modern online and offline communities.

Xenophobia owes mighty tools to manipulate people. People have no means to protect themselves from propaganda and construct their own opinion. In such black-and-white world there is no place for people who do not want to choose between different forms of violence. This game is a parody on a bipolar world that aims to destroy a person's identity.

We are working on a pilot in Telegram bot now. When it's ready, we will show it to potential partners that can support our work and participate in creation of a complete game.
Our team
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