Risk Lab is a series of telematic performances by Ada Mukhína about risk in art and artists at risk. For each performance, Ada Mukhína invites a new guest artist to join the performance online. Based on interviews and lived experiences of artists at risk from over the world, this piece challenges the role of art in modern society and invites the audience to think, make decisions and act according to them.

The Group 1212 took part in the 3d episode of the Risk Lab. It was performed at Deutsches Theater Berlin on the Radar Ost Festival October 9-10, 2021.

The first two episodes of Risk Lab with Abhishek Thapar (India/Netherlands) and Anis Hamdoun (Syria/Germany) were premiered in Camden People's Theatre in London in 2018.

Concept / Director / Performer: Ada Mukhína
Online Guest Artist: Anna Sagalchik, Tim Tkachev
Sound design: Calum Lynn
Video: Julia Milz, Eli Börnicke, Ivan Kozhevnikov
Lights: Iana Boitcova
Photo: Mathias Drücker
Katja Kollmann
Culture jurnalist
The clever ease with which existential issues are touched on is great art. (taz.de)